Sunday, March 23, 2008



Sony Ericsson K660i - WITH a dash OF lime

Now here's a dashing phone, the Sony Ericsson K660i, WITH just a hint OF lime TO break up the white casing.We FIRST spied it IN November but it's been snared exclusively FOR the UK by 3. It comes WITH the prerequisite video calling but also video blogging FOR ALL you social networking types.Supporting 3's Internet credentials it gets super-fast HSDPA plus RSS news feeds delivered direct TO the main screen - so you need never miss out ON breaking Stuff news again.Like Nokia's N95, the web browser also works IN landscape AND there ARE maps ON board, WITH directions, but NO GPS, sadly.The camera's a lowly 2MP but music features fare better WITH an ON-board radio, memory card slot AND TrackID FOR finding out the NAME OF a song FROM just a few snatched bars. Suddenly pub quiz music rounds take ON a whole new dimension.It's NOT available ON the 3 website yet but expect it up there soon once those webmonkeys have got their behinds IN gear.

Casio EX-S10

It's been a couple OF years now since the LAST super-skinny camera came along, the Sony DSC-T7. We loved it. It was ridiculously thin AND yet felt incredibly solid. Trouble IS, it's skinniness was also its undoing - most people found it impossible to hold steady, resulting in more than the average number of blurry photos.Thus the first super-skinny camera was also the last... until now. Casio's new Exilim EX-S10 IS a slender 15mm thick, which IS slim enough that you won't feel it in your pocket. But does it suffer from the same problem that doomed this breed the first time round?
Not learning from mistakesIn a word, yes. The very same problem of camera shake afflicts the S10 - you simply can't hold it steady, especially WITH cold hands. TO compound the situation, the slimming-down process seems TO have meant there was NO room FOR image stabilisation OF ANY kind. The result IS that you'll find many images at slower shutter speeds with ghosting.The S10's images themselves ARE blessed WITH lovely, vibrant colours AND reasonable detail - NOT class-LEADING, but NOT terrible. Less pleasing IS the fact that the quality degrades so sharply AT ISO 400 AND above. Most OF its competitors falter AT ISO 800, but by 400 the Casio has such prominent digital artefacts AND noise that you'll wish you'd used the flash.

Sony MDR-NC500D - First noise cancelling headphones with DSP

Sony MDR-NC500D is the world's FIRST noise-canceling headphones WITH noise digital signal processing WITH a newly developed high speed software engine DNC. The result IS about 99% EXTERNAL noise IS cut off. Daily sounds FROM air craft, trains AND other vehicles IS cut off TO a very great extent WHEN USING the head phones.Sony MDR-NC500D IS powered by a built IN lithium battery. Battery CASE USING 2 �AA batteries IS also available. The built IN lithium battery lasts up TO 16 hours while alkaline batteries up TO 10hours. A Sony MDR-NC500D headphone weighs approximately 195g WITH battery AND comes WITH aircraft AND AC adaptor plug. The headphones will be available IN Japan FROM April 21 FOR approximately 49,350 yen ($492).