Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sony MDR-NC500D - First noise cancelling headphones with DSP

Sony MDR-NC500D is the world's FIRST noise-canceling headphones WITH noise digital signal processing WITH a newly developed high speed software engine DNC. The result IS about 99% EXTERNAL noise IS cut off. Daily sounds FROM air craft, trains AND other vehicles IS cut off TO a very great extent WHEN USING the head phones.Sony MDR-NC500D IS powered by a built IN lithium battery. Battery CASE USING 2 �AA batteries IS also available. The built IN lithium battery lasts up TO 16 hours while alkaline batteries up TO 10hours. A Sony MDR-NC500D headphone weighs approximately 195g WITH battery AND comes WITH aircraft AND AC adaptor plug. The headphones will be available IN Japan FROM April 21 FOR approximately 49,350 yen ($492).

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